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I'm passionate about motivating and empowering individuals to leverage their unique strengths to excel during every phase of their lives. 

In my first career at Kemps, I managed a P&L for 29 of my 30 years. I was highly-focused on developing a common-sense financial acumen and an efficient approach to achieve results. 


As I began to reflect on my career, I recognized that the most fulfilling part of my long tenure with the company was the deep personal relationships I developed with colleagues and customers. It was there that my passion for coaching, developing talent, and improving organizational dynamics emerged.

In 2014 I turned that experience into a full-time role in organizational development and coaching with the Astrup Companies. I guided, advised, and assisted the company through a significant period of transition: shifting company leadership from the second generation of family ownership to the third; developing and placing a new executive management team; and completing business acquisitions and closures—all while achieving significant business growth.  

The culmination of my experiences at Astrup’s and Kemps is the launch of Business Genetics, a consulting and coaching business with two primary areas of focus: family businesses and leadership teams.

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Bob Hakes 
  • 30+ years in general management

  • 10+ years coaching and consulting

  • Myer-Briggs Type Indicator

  • Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

  • B.S. Business Management 

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